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Gold Label

Gold Label - Stockholm Tar Liquid - 500ml

Gold Label - Stockholm Tar Liquid - 500ml

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Gold Label Stockholm Tar Liquid is a traditional application for use on horses, ponies, sheep and cattle. A natural pine tar, it is well known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, especially in the treatment of bacterial infections of the hoof and skin, including thrush and to assist in the treatment of split hooves, split heels, cracks and corns. Gold Label Stockholm Tar Liquid also provides effective protection against biting insects such as horseflies, mosquitoes, stable flies, black flies and most other insects and can be used on lambs (the neck and just over their tail) as a deterrent against predators such as foxes. The natural antiseptic action of Gold Label Stockholm Tar Liquid will help cleanse and seal animal wounds and allows new skin to regrow underneath. This makes it extremely useful for sealing and preventing infections after shearing sheep or de-horning rams and calves. It can also be used on flystrike wounds after the removal of maggots.

Directions for Use:
Apply as required to cleaned and dry hooves. Patch test for sensitivity before use.

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