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Gold Label

Gold Label - Glucosamine Liquid - 1 litre

Gold Label - Glucosamine Liquid - 1 litre

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Gold Label Glucosamine Liquid is an alternative liquid presentation of glucosamine and is formulated to help maintain good joint circulation and mobility in horses, ponies and dogs. Glucosamine forms the back bone of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which are the building blocks of cartilage and all other connective tissue throughout the body. When glucosamine is given in high amounts, it can stimulate the production of Hyalurionic Acid (HA) which is an important constituent of joint fluid.
MSM, another key ingredient serves as an organic source of sulphur which is essential for forming cross-bridges between collagen molecules. This adds strength to collagen rich tissues such as ligaments and joint tissue.
Gold Label Glucosamine Liquid also contains Devil's Claw extract, a herb native to Africa which directly targets stiffness and can help stimulate the digestive system. This complentary feed supplement is fast-acting and promotes healthy tendons, cartilage and joints.

Feeding Guidelines:
Ponies - One tablespoonful (15ml) daily.
Horses - Two tablespoonfuls (30ml) daily.
Dogs - One teaspoonful (5ml) daily.

Add to the food or apply directly by mouth. Maintenance rate - Feed half the above.

*It is recommended that Gold Label Glucosamine Liquid is administered with a quality source of natural antioxidants and Evening Primrose Oil such as Gold Label Three Oils Supplement.

DO NOT FEED TO PREGNANT MARES. Store at room temperature.

*Please Note: Due to containing Devil's Claw, this product is not suitable for use under BHA or FEI rules. Check with other governing bodies before using.

Crude Oils & Fats nil, Crude Fibre <1%, Crude Protein 2.9%, Crude Ash 3.1%, Sodium <1%, Moisture 65%.

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