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Global Herbs

Global Herbs - FlyFree

Global Herbs - FlyFree

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The natural anti-fly Supplement.

This very unique and powerful supplement helps your horse tolerate flies and midges and reduces fly worry dramatically. You will quickly see your horse looks different and calm. Global Herbs FlyFree also helps sooth insect bites, runny eyes and soreness and maintains a health glossy coat.

This indispensable summer formula provides:
All over body action.
Works quickly same day fed.
Saves lots of money on sprays.
Can be stopped and started easily.
Makes your horse happy and comfortable.

Use only a little Global Herbs FlyFree for helpful gentle support or the maximum rate for really great cover.

NB: The pungency of Global Herbs FlyFree is what makes it so effective and many horses love it. However fussy feeders may need extra encouragement to give a proper try and you may have to introduce it into their food very gradually. In such situations best results are seen when adding half a teaspoon on on day one and building up to the highest level over 4-5 days.

Key Features

Key Benefits:

✔ Indispensable when the flies get bad.

✔ Pungent herbs that flying insects really hate.

✔ Soothes irritation and makes skin look great.

✔ Removes the need for toxic sprays.

Instructions for Use

Feeding Guidelines:

• Introduce very slowly, then feed up to 2 x 25ml level scoops twice daily for an average 500kg horse.

• Alternatively you can use only a low rate of ½ - 1 scoop once or twice daily if the problems are very minor.

• Most owners are happy whichever level they manage feeding FlyFree. If you stop you will quickly notice a difference.

• If necessary, use palatable flavourings such as mint or apple puree or juice but this is often unnecessary.

Ingredients and nutrition

Garlic, Turmeric, Cedar, Indian Barberry, Fennel, Hay, Soybean meal, Horseradish, Maize Starch, Apple Flavouring.


Tub Size: 500g.
SPR Product Code: GH0613
Barcode: 5060287800613
Tub Size: 1kg.
SPR Product Code: GH0620
Barcode: 5060287800620

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