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Feldy - Chicken Pecker Block - 3.5kg

Feldy - Chicken Pecker Block - 3.5kg

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The 3.5kg Feldy Chicken Pecker Block is the perfect sized block for poultry owners with a slightly larger flock, requiring a nutritious treat. This high energy boredom buster contains a nutritious blend of 12 readily digestible ingredients in a block with no fillers, binders or palm oils. Ideal for preventing boredom in the pens. The Feldy Chicken Pecker Block helps to contribute to your flock’s daily intake of essential nutrients, plus a unique blend of added herbs and a mix of select spices also act as an attractant to the block. Feldy Chicken Pecker Blocks are also a great source of quality calcium for eggshell quality, and of course the addition of aniseed and Feldy's special spice blend means they are guaranteed to keep your hens happy and healthy. Feldy Chicken Pecker Blocks have been tested on Feldy's own flock with fantastic results!

Key Features

Key Benefits:

Feldy has adopted a holistic approach to the formulation of this food and wellbeing supplement. Each block provides:

✔ Occupational therapy for your birds by reducing boredom and helping prevent feather pecking in the flock.

✔ A high energy supplement resulting in improved bird condition, feathering and health, more and larger eggs.

✔ Added calcium which aids the production of top quality eggshells, avoiding wasteful breakages.

Instructions for Use

Feeding Instructions:

Incredibly versatile, the Feldy Chicken Pecker Block can be fed by cutting a hole in the bottom of the tub and hanging at a height available to the birds for upward feeding, or if you’d prefer simply remove the Feldy Chicken Pecker Block from the tub and allow your chickens to peck at the whole block on the ground.

*The Feldy Chicken Pecker Block must always be offered as a nutritional and wellbeing supplement to your regular layers feed.

Ingredients and nutrition

Ground Wheat, Whole Wheat, Cut Maize, Flour, Limestone Flour, Refined White Fat, Spice Attractant.

Oil 20%, Crude Protein 8%, Crude Fibre 6%, Ash 18%.

*All ingredients are sourced from UFAS and Red Tractor Assured suppliers.


Pecker Block Size: 3.5kg
SPR Product Code: ST0360
Barcode: 5060507130360

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