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Feedomatic - Poultry Treadle Feeders

Feedomatic - Poultry Treadle Feeders

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Feeder Capacity:

The Feedomatic Automatic Treadle Feeder ensures that you will not have any more mice, rats and wild birds bothering your hens as they feed. When a chicken steps onto the treadle, a flap opens which allows the bird to gain access to the feed inside. This way pests, like mice, rats and wild birds can’t steal anymore feed from your poultry. The treadle platform can be set to accommodate different weights of birds from 250g up to a maximum weight of 2kg (depending on their breed or species). The feeder is water-tight, weather-proof and easy to fill as the hinged lid once opened, stays in vertical position. When the lid is pressed down again, it is automatically locked, keeping feed dry and protected. The treadle's feed trough is made from solid, heavy duty plastic with rounded corners reducing the chance of mould growth. It's special design also ensures that other animals can not scratch feed out of it. This is achieved by the presence of dividers and a special edge which keeps spillage of feed to a minimum. The plastic parts of the Feed-o-matic are durable and UV resistant, whilst the galvanised sheet metal parts are 1mm thick making it a very stable feeder. *Please note: As the Feedomatic treadle feeder comes boxed, some minor self-assembly is required. Full instructions are included.


Key Features

• Dry food at all times as a result of the treadle feeder’s splash-proof construction.

• No mold thanks to the plastic material and round edges.

• No spilling due to special shape and height-adjustable feeder bin.

• Prevents direct contact with pests because they cannot enter the feeder bin.

• Colourfast due to UV-resistant plastic.

• The treadle platform can be set to accommodate different weights of birds.

Instructions for Use

Directions for use:
Simply open the hinged lid, fill with feed and lock the lid back in to place.
The treadle platform can also be set to accommodate different weights of birds.

Ingredients and nutrition



8kg Capacity Feeder:
Dimensions: 45cm x 28cm x 26cm.
SPR Product Code: ST6206
Barcode: 5060189546206
12kg Capacity Feeder:
Dimensions: 33.5cm x 23cm x 50cm.
SPR Product Code: ST7316
Barcode: 5055002177316
20kg Capacity Feeder:
Dimensions: 33.5cm x 23cm x 66cm.
SPR Product Code: ST7323
Barcode: 5055002177323

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