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Horizont - Electric Poultry Netting Post (Double Spike)

Horizont - Electric Poultry Netting Post (Double Spike)

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Extra rigid, double spiked posts to give extra support to your electric poultry netting set-up, adding that important finishing touch to your secure poultry enclosure. They are designed to be slightly higher (112cm) than standard electric poultry netting (110cm) to help raise the top line of the poultry netting up. This will reduce sagging and keep everything working as it should be. These posts are made of durable, UV-resistant fibreglass and can withstand adverse weather conditions such as cold and wet. Even frequent erection and dismantling does not affect their robustness. Thanks to their break resistance and durability, they are ideal for use in mobile electric poultry fences. The easily insertable stakes with integrated double spike guarantee a secure stand on any terrain. These Hotline Double Spiked Posts are equally good for placing anywhere in your electric poultry netting enclosure (not just at corners), especially if the ground is undulating or in an exposed, windy area.

Key Features

✔ Extra support for your electric poultry netting set-up.

✔ With integrated wire fittings.

✔ More stability.

✔ Reduces sag on the netting.

✔ Improved durability and safety.


✔ Suitable for all standard (110cm high) electric poultry nets and electric poultry netting kits.

✔ Post complete with insulation cap and bottom stopper.

✔ Two spikes.

Instructions for Use

An additional post to give extra support to your electric poultry netting set-up.

Ingredients and nutrition

Materials: Manufactured from rigid, lightweight UV-resistant fibrelass.


Height: 112 cm.
Diameter: Ø 13 mm.
Colour: Black.
SPR Product Code: HZ5966
Barcode: 5021385005966

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