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Easichick Poultry Bedding 20kg

Easichick Poultry Bedding 20kg

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Easichick is a 100% recycled wood fibre bedding made specifically for poultry. This super absorbent bedding has also undergone strict tests in a free range environment and has shown that less bedding is needed, making Easichick more economical too. Whether for commercial poultry farmers or small-holders, Easichick is always biosecure from factory to delivery, absorbent and free-draining, dust free, bacteria free, biodegradable, warm and comfortable for your birds and easy to use. After use, Easichick can be disposed of safely in the the same way as all other litters and is regularly used for pelleting for horticultural fertiliser, spreading on farmland, spreading on grassland, or spreading on organic approved agricultural land (Easichick is approved for use in organic systems by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association).
Specification: 4mm-10mm Dust Free Wood Chip.

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