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Easibed - Wood Fibre Bedding

Easibed - Wood Fibre Bedding

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Easibed is a break-through in animal bedding. Its dust free and supportive properties have made it a firm favourite with horse and livestock owners and for more than 15 years. Made from clean recycled wood, easibed provides a comfortable, free-draining and economical bed for your animal to live on, and a dust free, healthy environment for you to work in. The consistency of easibed means it gives a supportive and free-draining bed, allowing the wet to drain through to the base where it’s absorbed, and leaving the top dry and comfortable for your animal, creating a bed it won’t want to leave! What’s more, you use less easibed than you would with traditional beddings such as straw and shavings, so you spend less time mucking out and your muck heap is smaller - saving you time and money. Easibed has Organic Farmers and Growers certification, so it can also be spread on land as part of an organic farming system.

Key Benefits:
Made from clean recycled wood.
Dust free.
Free draining.
Highly absorbent.
Has Organic Farmers & Growers certification.

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