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Dengie - Hi-Fi Lite - 20kg

Dengie - Hi-Fi Lite - 20kg

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Dengie Hi-Fi Lite is a high fibre feed and ideal as the sole bucket feed for overweight horses and ponies and those prone to laminitis. It is also an ideal low calorie fibre feed for goats and alpacas who hold condition easily or as a hay replacer when good quality hay or grazing is in short supply. Dengie Hi-Fi Lite is made from alfalfa (an excellent natural source of vitamins and minerals) which is high temperature dried to reduce mould and lock in the natural goodness. The alfalfa is then blended with quality straw to provide a high fibre ration. Naturally lower in sugar than hay, Dengie Hi-Fi Lite can be fed on a weight for weight basis as a low sugar alternative to hay or haylage. For horses, ponies, goats or alpacas on restricted grazing, Dengie Hi-Fi Lite is ideal because it delivers sufficient fibre to maintain gut function. The extraction processes used in the production of Dengie Hi-Fi Lite also reduces the dust content to promote respiratory health. Approved by The Laminitis Trust.

Key Features

• High-quality soft cereal straw is blended with nutrient rich alfalfa and a light molasses coating.
• Low in calories (7.5MJ/kg), sugar (7%) and starch (1.5%), ideal for overweight horses and ponies.
• Pellet free – Dengie Hi-Fi Lite provides maximum chew time per scoop – great for keeping stabled good doers occupied for longer.
• A great value feed for horses – 20kg bale provides over 60 Stubbs scoops per bag – when feeding two scoops per day, one bale of Dengie Hi-Fi Lite will last 33 days.
• Dengie Hi-Fi Lite can be used as a low-calorie total or partial hay replacer.
• Independently approved by The Laminitis Trust.

Instructions for Use

Feeding Guidelines: (See images)

Ingredients and nutrition

Composition: Cereal straw, alfalfa, molasses, mould inhibitor.

Analytical Constituents:
Digestible Energy 7.5MJ/kg, Protein 10.0%, Oil 1.5%, Ash (mineral) 9.0%, Fibre 35.0%, Sugar 7.0%, Starch 1.5%.



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