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Dengie - Alfa-Beet - 20kg

Dengie - Alfa-Beet - 20kg

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Dengie Alfa-Beet is a high-fibre conditioning horse feed combining alfalfa and unmolassed sugar beet, two sources of highly digestible fibre. Ideal for promoting weight gain and aiding hydration or for older horses and ponies who struggle to chew longer length fibre. Dengie Alfa-Beet is naturally low in sugar and starch and suitable for the healthy maintenance of horses and ponies prone to laminitis. It is also a perfect for goats that struggle to hold condition, as well as breeding does and fussy feeders.

Please Note: Dengie Alfa-Beet must be soaked before feeding to horses and goats.

Key Benefits:
The combination of alfalfa and unmolassed sugar beet pulp provides slow-release energy in the form of highly digestible fibre.
Dengie Alfa-Beet promotes weight gain and condition without excitability.
Provides 10.5MJ/kg of Digestible Energy – comparable to a cool mix or cube, but with much lower levels of starch.
Alfa-Beet aids hydration and is ideal for horses and ponies with dental issues, such as diastemas.
Naturally low in starch (2%), with no added sugar (5%).
Sugar beet pulp is the fibrous part of the beet that is left once the sugar has been extracted which means it is a low sugar ingredient.
Convenient 15-minute hot soak or 2-hour cold soak.
Free from molasses and preservatives 100% natural.
Suitable for horse prone to laminitis.
Dengie Alfa-Beet is also ideal for goats that struggle to hold condition, as well as breeding does and fussy feeders.

Feeding Guidelines:

How to soak Dengie Alfa-Beet:

Dengie Alfa-Beet is easy to use as it soaks to a mash much more quickly than conventional sugar beet pellets – when soaking in hot water it is ready in 15 mins, alternatively in cold water it takes 2 hours or can be left through the day or night to soak – whichever is more convenient! For soaking, we recommend one part product to three parts water.

One large Stubbs scoop of dry Dengie Alfa-Beet pellets = 1.6Kg

One large Stubbs scoop of soaked Dengie Alfa-Beet holds 0.5kg of dry matter if soaked at a 1 part Dengie Alfa-Beet to 3 parts water ratio.

Ingredients: Alfalfa, unmolassed sugar beet.

Nutritional Analysis:
Digestible Energy 10.5MJ/kg, Protein 14%, Oil 3%, Ash (mineral) 10%, Fibre 32%, Naturally Occurring Sugar 5%, Starch 2%.

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