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Dengie - Alfa-A Oil - 20kg

Dengie - Alfa-A Oil - 20kg

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Dengie Alfa-A Oil is the ultimate pure alfalfa fibre feed for fuelling hard work and improving stamina and condition in horses and ponies. The addition of rape seed oil makes this feed excellent for providing slow-release energy without the fizz. As Alfa-A Oil is free from molasses and cereal grains it is ideal for over-excitable individuals or those prone to muscle problems. Alfa-A Oil is made from pure alfalfa which has been chopped and dried at a very high temperature to lock in the natural goodness and provides 12.5MJ/kg of slow- release energy, which is comparable to a conditioning or competition mix, but provides 10 times less starch. Alfalfa is rich in highly digestible fibre, packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and high in protein making it ideal for helping to develop muscle tone and for muscle function. Dengie Alpha-A Oil is low in starch, contains no added sugar, but does have a high oil content, making it perfect for show ring condition, healthy skin and coat shine.

Key Features

✔ A blend of alfalfa and rapeseed oil providing 12.5MJ/kg of Digestible Energy from fibre and oil – a comparable energy level to a competition or conditioning mix or cube, but with 10x less starch.

✔ Dengie Alfa-A Oil is rich in highly digestible fibre and packed with natural vitamins and minerals.

✔ Alfalfa is a widely recognised ingredient for promoting digestive health due to its natural buffering properties.

✔ Alfa-A Oil is approved by BETA for horses and ponies prone to Equine Gastric Ulcers Syndrome.

✔ Abundant in quality protein for aiding topline and muscle development.

✔ Contains no added sugar and is naturally low in starch at just 2%.

✔ High in oil for show ring condition, healthy skin and exceptional coat shine.

✔ Free from molasses, preservatives and straw.

✔ Contains 100% natural ingredients grown in the UK.

Instructions for Use

Feeding Guidelines: (See Image)

How Hard Are You Working Your Horse?
The amount and kind of work your horse or pony is doing is an important factor when calculating the quantity and type of feed to give. Alfa-A Oil provides sufficient energy to meet the requirements of working horses, even those in hard work.

NOTE: Horses are individuals and so always adjust your horse’s feed ration to suit his temperament and condition as well as his work load.

How To Get The Most Out Of Feeding With Dengie Alfa-A Oil:
When feeding a fibre only ration ideally the ration should be topped up with a source of vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients and nutrition

Composition: Alfalfa, Rape Seed Oil.

Analytical Constituents:
Digestible Energy 12.5MJ/kg, Protein 14.0%, Oil 12.0%, Ash (mineral) 9.0%, Fibre 27.0%, Sugar 4.5%, Starch 2.0%.


Bag Size: 20kg
SPR Product Code: DN05
Barcode: 5028331000037

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