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Defenders - Mole Tunnel Trap

Defenders - Mole Tunnel Trap

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Also known as the DUFFUS or BARREL mole trap, the Defenders Mole Tunnel Trap is another fantastic trap for catching those unwanted garden pests. This double entry trap is triggered when the mole passes through it from either side, killing it instantly and humanely. Rust resistant, robust and reusable, this is a highly effective and successful mole trap and is suitable for use in frosted ground and wet weather conditions. Full instructions included.

Key Features

✔ A highly effective and successful mole trap.

✔ Also known as the DUFFUS or BARREL mole trap.

✔ Strong durable construction.

✔ Easy to set.

✔ Humane fast kill.

✔ Double entry trap.

✔ Kills mole from either side as it passes through the tunnel.

✔ Suitable for use in frosted ground and wet weather conditions.

✔ Used by professional mole trappers.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: (for more setting details see video).

Setting the Trap:

• Push the strangle loop down from the top whilst careful placing setting arm into setting hook.

• Repeat the process on other side of trap. The trap is now at full set.

How to Use:

• Look for signs of mole activity such as fresh earth on mole hills. Do not place trap in a mole hill, but prod ground close by with stick to find a run. When the stick push’s through soil it will indicate a tunnel. Use a finger to see which way tunnel runs.

• Place trap on top of ground in line with direction of tunnel. Mark out area around trap using a knife and remove turf and soil to expose tunnel.

• Remove any loose soil in tunnel and place trap set trap into the tunnel.

• Careful fill any gaps around the sides of trap, so not to leave any air pockets. Cover the trap with a light sprinkle of loose soil to block out any light entering the tunnel.

• Remember to mark location of traps.

• Please check daily.


• Rub soil over trap before use to remove scent.

• Never wash a trap that has caught a mole

• Rub the scent off caught moles into the tunnels of other moles and place trap.

• To maximise catch-rates use one or more traps per 1,000 square metre area.

Ingredients and nutrition

Materials: Galvanised steel.


Product Code: STV152

SPR Product Code: STV1523

Barcode: 5036200121523

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