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Copdock Mill

Copdock Mill - Suet Pellets with Mealworms - 3kg

Copdock Mill - Suet Pellets with Mealworms - 3kg

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Copdock Mill Suet Pellets attract a variety of wild birds to your garden all year round and help them thrive. These 100% natural, high-energy beef suet pellets are combined with protein-rich mealworms and seeds, providing your feathered friends with a valuable source of protein and calcium, and are a firm favourite amongst frequent garden visitors such as robins and blackbirds. To use, simply pour Copdock Mill Suet Pellets on top of a feeding table or inside a feeder in your garden.

Key Features:
Made from 100% Natural Ingredients using 100% Pure Human Grade Beef Suet.
High energy treat with significantly higher suet content than other standard pellets.
Source of protein and calcium.
Suitable for all year round feeding.
Attracts a variety of birds.
Place either on the feeding table or inside a suet pellet feeder.

Cereals, Suet, Seeds, Peanut Flour, Mealworms, Glycerol, Calcium & Natural Colouring.
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