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Copdock Mill

Copdock Mill - Fishmeal - 1kg

Copdock Mill - Fishmeal - 1kg

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Fishmeal is an excellent source of protein and is rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is a natural balanced feed that is high in protein, energy, minerals (calcium & phosphorus), a natural source of vitamins (including choline, biotin, vitamins B12, A and E) and the micronutrients selenium and iodine. It has long been recognised that the anti-genicity of fish protein is low, and coupled with the anti-inflammatory properties of fishmeal, its inclusion in chick diets has been shown to greatly improve disease resistance in poultry. Fishmeal is produced from sustainable sources and is a renewable feed source; produced almost exclusively from types of fish for which there is no demand for human food use. Fishmeal is ideally balanced for poultry and also a concentrated source of energy. Feed as a supplement in addition to other feeds.

Crude Protein 66%, Crude Oils 7%, Crude Ash 21%.

Six Reasons to Use Fishmeal:

Safe and Traceable: Meets the requirements of modern poultry production.

Produced from Sustainable Fish Stocks: Meets the requirements of farm assurance schemes.

High Protein Content and Good Protein Quality: Used efficiently by poultry, minimising the environmental impact of the litter.

Rich Source of the Essential Fatty Acids: Helps reduce disease, improve immune status and provide an alternative approach to health promotion.

Natural Source of Anti-oxidant Vitamins and Selenium: Promotes good health, protects cell membranes and improves immune status.

Rich Source of Calcium, Phosphorous and other Minerals: Contributes readily available minerals that are efficiently used, reducing the environmental burden and reducing the cost of supplementary minerals.

Rates of Inclusion of Fishmeal for Optimum Benefit:

Chick Rearing: Up to 3%.

Broiler: 2% to 5%.

Layer: 2%.

Breeder: 1% to 5%.

Turkey: 3% to 10%.

Pheasant / Game Birds: 3% to 7%.

Bulk Density 550-650kg/m2. (Source: The Feeds Directory).

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