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Copdock Mill

Copdock Mill - Black Sunflower Seeds - 650g

Copdock Mill - Black Sunflower Seeds - 650g

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Black Sunflower Seeds are an excellent food source as almost all wild birds that visit your garden will readily eat them. They are economical, rich in energy-giving oils and protein, and an excellent low cost alternative to peanuts. The black sunflower seeds' husk is very thin so it can be easily broken up by wild birds (even those with small beaks). The seeds are also versatile and can be fed from a feeder, bird table or even on the ground. Black Sunflower Seeds are enjoyed by these wild bird species: blue tits, blackbirds, bullfinches, chaffinches, coal tits, goldfinches, great tits, green finches, sparrows, siskins, nuthatches, robins, song thrushes, starlings, swallows, wrens, tree sparrows, and many others, providing them all with an essential high energy diet.

Key Features:
High in energy and rich in natural oils
Suitable for use with Seed Feeders, Bird Tables or as an ingredient for home-made seed mixes or fat balls
Wild birds will have no problem getting into these seeds as they have a much thinner shell than Striped Sunflower Seeds
Attracts Wrens, Robins, Blackbirds, Tits, Chaffinches, Goldfinches, Sparrows, Thrushes and Siskins

Key Features

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