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Comfort Heating Plate for Chicks (30cm x 30cm)

Comfort Heating Plate for Chicks (30cm x 30cm)

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The Comfort Heating Plate for Chicks is an improved and re- designed version of the previously very popular Interbrooda (or electric hen). New features include a height adjusting system for the legs, enhanced insulation, double security (thanks to a temperature fuse and a resistance fuse) and an LED indicator. The heating plate is made from strong, durable ABS plastic, whilst the inner side has polyurethane insulation which has a very high insulating factor. The Comfort Heating Plate also uses less energy than a standard heating lamp with possible savings of up to 75% on electrical costs. This is also a perfect substitute for mother nature, where the hen keeps the chicks warm under her feathers. The Comfort Heating Plate for Chicks is a very natural solution with a big advantage: the chicks will harden earlier and also the growth of their feathers will be quicker - so the chicks will be healthier. *This size heating plate is suitable for up to 25 chicks.

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Key Features

✔ Natural henlike warmth - the chicks go for warmth when they need it.

✔ Enhanced polyurethane insulation (PU).

✔ Perfect temperature guarantee for all chicks thanks to the height adjustable legs.

✔ Extremely low power consumption - the Comfort Heating Plate is up to 5 times more energy efficient than a traditional heating bulb.

✔ Double safety thanks the to temperature and resistance fuses.

✔ LED indicator light to show if the heating plate is switched on.

✔ Longer lifespan due to strong and durable ABS-plastic.

Instructions for Use

The new height adjusting system for the legs makes our new heating plate very practical to use. Read our instuctions to get started right away.

The legs have a top- and bottom side. This is easy to recognize as the topside is round and the bottom side has a black rubber support. Underneath the heating plate, in the four corners, there are movable brackets marked with “PUSH”. Push on the yellow bracket and move the head of the yellow leg from underneath the heating plate through the hole. Release the bracket when the preferred height is reached. Make sure that all legs have the same height.

Put the plug in the power supply (220-240VAC). The red LED will light up. It will take about one hour before the heating plate is completely warm. Now you can place the chicks underneath the heating plate.

It is important to know is that a heating plate is not a heat source like a heat bulb. A heat bulb becomes very hot and radiates the heat downwards. A heating plate is completely different, as only the surface of the bottom side of the heating plate is warm. It is important that the chicks can touch the heating plate, especially when they are new born. For that reason the height adjustment is very crucial. A good indication of the right height are the chicks. They show when they are satisfied. When they “peep” they are not satisfied. When they are silent and lay down relaxed they are satisfied. For the height adjustment, a good indication is the back height of the chicks. This has to be adjusted at least once a week as the chicks grow. The minimum height is 3cm from the litter.


Good height: The height is correct when the chicks lay down underneath the heating plate and a few are standing. They give a satisfied impression and don’t peep. Sometimes they leave from underneath the heating plate.

Too high: When the heating plate is too high, the chicks are standing and won’t leave from underneath the heating plate. They “peep”.

Too low: When the heating plate is too low, the chicks won’t go under the heating plate as it is too warm. It is difficult to get underneath the heating plate, because the height is too low.

Some users think they need to use a thermometer to check the temperature underneath the heating plate. This is incorrect and not necessary. You don’t put a thermometer under a brooding hen either. The behaviour of your chicks shows you if they are satisfied or not. It’s important that you frequently check their behaviour.

After each use cleaning is required with a wet cloth. If necessary, first clean the surface from any dirt with a scraper. Do not use water and don’t keep the heating plate under water.

We care about your safety. This heating plate has 2 safety facilities to avoid short circuiting and overheating. One is a resistance fuse 0.5Amp and a temperature fuse of 120°C.

Bear in mind to use this heating plate as intended. It should be used horizontally with topside up (see picture on the packaging). The 4 legs have to be used as indicated. The minimum height is 3cm above the litter. Any other use (including when the product is opened or any change is made to the cable) or use without the legs, leads to the warranty being invalid and exceeds the responsibility of the producer.

Ingredients and nutrition

The heating plate is made of plastic, mostly of ABS plastic. This material is very strong and lasting. In the inner side of the heating plate you will find the polyurethane insulation with a very high insulating factor. On this part the heating is mounted.


Size: 30 X 30 cm.
Suitable for: Up to 25 chicks.
Wattage: 22 watt.
Voltage: 220-240 VAC.
SPR Product Code: IH8440
Barcode: 8718426008440

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