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Chicktec - Liquid Egg Wash - 1 litre

Chicktec - Liquid Egg Wash - 1 litre

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Chicktec Liquid Egg Wash is specially formulated for use with poultry and game eggs. This gentle and safe, organic, low foamingl detergent can be used in manual or rotary egg washers and is also suitable for washing eggs by hand. 

Key Features

✔ Does not contain chlorine.

✔ Low Foaming.

✔ Kills bacteria and viruses but does not destroy cuticle.

✔ Suitable for poultry and game eggs.

✔ Suitable for manual or rotary egg washers, or hand washing.

Instructions for Use

Directions for Use:

Prepare dipping solution by adding 10ml Chicktec Liquid Egg Wash to every 2 litres of water maintained at a temperature of 100°F (35°C). Mix well.

For manual egg sanitisation:
Remove significant organic matter vand place eggs in a plastic or wire basket, and completely immerse eggs for 3-5 minutes, disturbing them gently from time to time, then remove any remaining soiling by hand. Rinse in a clean solution if necessary and allow to air dry.

When Using an Oscillating Machine:
Do not immerse eggs for more than 5 minutes. Avoid excessive washing of eggs, and prepare fresh solution after each cycle and when water becomes visibly soiled.

Do not rinse eggs, but allow eggs to dry in the air for a protective coating before setting or packing.

Please Note:
Eggshells are porous, so do not immerse eggs in liquid for any longere than the recommended time, preferably less.

Ingredients and nutrition


A blend of advanced quaternary ammonium biocides and amphoteric surfactant with a high degree of synergistic action to produce a broad spectrum of killing power on both gram+ve and gram-ve bacteria.

Less than 5% non-ionic surfactants; less than 5% disinfectants.

Independently tested to EN1276 (European Suspension Test) on a wide range of bacteria and viruses.


Size: 1 litre.
SPR Product Code: TR4684
Barcode: 5060189544684

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