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ChickenGuard - Locking Combi Premium

ChickenGuard - Locking Combi Premium

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The Chicken Guard easy-to-use Combi Premium Kit is designed to provide the maximum protection for your hens from predators - and therefore maximum peace of mind for yourself.

The Chicken Guard Locking Combi Premium Kit includes a Chicken Guard Premium unit and a unique self locking door so your chickens can be safely tucked up in bed whilst you go out for the evening, and you can be safely tucked up in bed whilst your chickens are let out in the morning!

As well as the easy-to-programme timer on the Chicken Guard Premium unit, the additional built-in light (LUX) sensor means you have two options for maximum security and peace of mind. The full Manual Control Feature and unique Failsafe Mode also provide increased security and flexibility for timings. The unit's integrated LCD screen ensures it is easy to set up and alter timings when necessary. It is also designed with extra big buttons so you can programme the unit with your gloves on in the winter. All electronics are also enclosed in weatherproof casing ensuring reliable operation. Full instructions included.


Key Features

✔ Opens & closes your chicken coop using a timer & light sensor.

✔ Manually open and close your chicken coop with a push of a button.

✔ Fully featured LCD display for ease of use.

✔ Powered by batteries (4 x AA alkaline) or mains (DC 9-12 volts).

✔ Automatic Stop Feature.

✔ Automatic Door Calibration.

Instructions for Use

How Does It Work?

Simply secure the ChickenGuard to the front of your coop with the fittings provided, connect the cord to the door, set the opening and closing times, and relax knowing your chickens are safe and sound.

*For detailed instructions on how to set up your ChickenGuard unit and door, please click on the two links (below the main product description), and watch the video*

This unique and innovative self-locking door kit will further increase the security of your hen house and provide the ultimate protection against predators.

A world first, the unique self-locking wings have been designed to prevent determined predators from raising the coop door and accessing your precious flock once they are in bed.

Once the door is fully lowered, by the timer or light sensor, the wings are automatically released to lock it firmly in place. You don’t need to do anything, except relax.

Ingredients and nutrition



Chicken Guard Unit: Width: 15.5cm. Height: 9cm. Door: Door Height: 30cm. Door Width: 25cm. Door Runners length: 59.5cm.
SPR Product Code: CG2872
Barcode: 634158992872

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