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Chick 'A

Chick 'A - Plastic Chicken Drinker - 12 Litre Capacity

Chick 'A - Plastic Chicken Drinker - 12 Litre Capacity

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This premium drinker is manufactured from high quality, UV resistant plastic. With a large 12 litre capacity, it is suitable for use with poultry, pigeons and game birds. The drinker includes an anti-perch dome and an integral heavy duty steel carry handle for easy transport and installation. It can be hung from its handle or simply stood on the ground, making it a durable, flexible solution. The Chick 'A 12 litre Plastic Drinker is simple to use, easy to clean, very reliable, and great value for money. It also brings variety to your coop with its bold, blue and white colour scheme.

Key Features

✔ Suitable for chickens, pigeons and game birds.

✔ Made from heavy duty, high density, UV resistant plastic.

✔ Anti-perch dome.

✔ Removable locking base.

✔ Strong metal carry handle.

✔ Can be used hanging or standing.

✔ Easy to use, easy to clean, very reliable.

✔ Great value for money.

Instructions for Use


• Turn the drinker upside down, unscrew the water tank from it's base and fill with fresh drinking water.

• Whilst still upside down, screw the base back into the filled water tank.

• Finally, turn the drinker the right way up.The drinker is then ready to use.

Ingredients and nutrition

Materials: Heavy duty, high density, UV resistant plastic with a stainless steel carry-handle.


Drinker Capacity: 12 litres.
SPR Product Code: HZP2850
Barcode: 4014803342850

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