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Burlybed - Pet and Poultry Bedding - 10kg

Burlybed - Pet and Poultry Bedding - 10kg

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Burlybed Pet and Poultry Bedding consists of 100% pure Miscanthus. Processed to a finer chop for smaller feet making a bedding perfect for your pets and poultry. This high quality bedding is totally natural, double dust extracted, ultra absorbent and durable. The compact 10kg bales are easy to store and the bags are recyclable as well as being manufactured with one third recycled materials. Burlybed add nothing to their Pet & Poultry edding except their time and expertise. Every bale is pure Miscanthus and processed on the farm to ensure the very best, totally natural product for your pets.

Key Features

✔ 100% Miscanthus.

✔ Finer chop for smaller feet.

✔ Ultra absorbent.

✔ Durable.

✔ Dust extracted.

✔ Biodegradable.

✔ Natural.

✔ Sustainable.

✔ Environmentally beneficial crop.

✔ Recyclable bags.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for use: Use as bedding for small animals.

Ingredients and nutrition

Contains: 100% Pure Miscanthus.


Size: 10kg.
SPR Product Code: BURLY0033.
Barcode: 5060329160033.

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