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British Horse Feeds

British Horse Feeds - Speedi-Beet - 20kg

British Horse Feeds - Speedi-Beet - 20kg

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Speedi-Beet is a highly nutritious, quick-soaking sugar beet flake for horses and ponies. It is made using the best quality British beet pulp wich has been subjected to a patented cooking process which makes it ready to feed after just ten minutes of soaking. Speedi-Beet is starch free and 95% sugar free and is therefore an ideal feed for horses prone to Laminitis, and for the control of Cushing’s disease. There's also a high proportion of soluble fibre in Speedi-Beet which is much easier to digest than fibre found in forage like hay. This makes it a great source of slow release energy (perfect for competition horses). If you replace some or all of the starchy concentrate in your horse's diet with Speedi-Beet, you will provide higher fibre, lower starch, and a more wholesome meal for your horse. Speedi-Beet is also versatile: Feed it in small amounts to overweight horses (as a carrier for a multivitamin and mineral supplement), in larger quantities (to a poor doer for weight gain) or to a working horse for energy. Speedi-Beet is also kinder on the gut than grain based feeds due to its high fibre and low sugar levels and its high water content also aids rehydration.

*Please Note: Do not feed Speedi-Beet dry*

Click Here to Download the Speedi-Beet Leaflet. 

Key Features

✔ Highly palatable and digestible feed.

✔ Made with best quality British Beet Pulp.

✔ Soaks in ten minutes.

✔ Unique cooking process for improved nutrient availability.

✔ Non-heating slow-release energy.

✔ Zero starch and only 5% sugar.

✔ Suitable for equines prone to gastric ulcers as part of a balanced diet.

✔ Ideal for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

✔ High water content to aid rehydration.

✔ Prebiotic effect due to the beet fibre.

✔ Non-GM, no additives, or preservatives.

✔ Ideal for horses with poor teeth.

✔ A versatile feed for all horses and ponies.

Instructions for Use

Feeding Guide: (See Image).

Mixing and Preparation:

• So easy to prepare!

• Add 1 part dry Speedi-Beet to 5 parts water by weight.

• So ½kg of dry Speedi-Beet would require 2½ litres of water.

• Add more water to make a sloppier mash if you want to help your horse rehydrate.

• You can prepare in advance if you wish, but store in cool conditions and feed within 24 hours of soaking.

Speedi-Beet is so versatile. You can feed it in small amounts to a horse that is prone to weight gain or as a carrier for a mineral/vitamin supplement or medication. Or you can feed in larger amounts to a horse needing energy for performance or to add condition. It’s ideal for horses whose starch intake needs limiting, like those prone to laminitis, and can be fed alongside all kinds of compound feeds and balancers.

Always measure your Speedi-Beet out dry and then soak. It expands to hold 5x its weight of water on soaking.

Speedi-Beet can be fed at up to 0.5kg (dry weight i.e. weight before soaking) per 100kg bodyweight of horse. So that means for a 500kg horse you can feed up to 2.5kg of Speedi-Beet (dry weight) each day.

Ingredients and nutrition

Speedi-Beet is made using only the best quality British Beet Pulp.

Typical Analysis (fresh weight basis before soaking):
Dry Matter: 90.0%, Protein: 8.0%, Oil (B) Acid: 0.7%, Fibre (crude): 16.0%, Ash: 9.0%, NDF: 38.2%, Starch: Trace, Total Sugar: 5.0%, Energy DE: 11.0mj/kg.

Calcium 0.8%, Phosphorus (total) 0.10%, Magnesium 0.3%, Manganese 45mg/kg, Zinc 19mg/kg, Iron 762mg/kg, Copper 3mg/kg, Potassium 1.14%, Selenium 0.06mg/kg, Iodine <0.1mg/kg, Salt 0.30%, Sodium 0.24%.

Amino Acids:
Lysine 0.45%, Threonine 0.40%, Cystine 0.14%, Gycine 0.47%, Tryptophan 0.10%, Arginine 0.30%.


Bag Size: 20kg.
SPR Product Code: BL0012
Barcode: 5060018890012

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