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Biolink - Poultry Tonic - 500ml

Biolink - Poultry Tonic - 500ml

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Biolink Poultry Tonic is a broad spectrum multivitamin supplement, specifically designed for poultry. As well as providing essential vitamins to your birds, Biolink Poultry Tonic provides your birds with a boost at times of stress, such as the introduction of new birds, moulting and heat stress.

Instructions for Use:

Add 5ml of Poultry Tonic to every 1 litre of clean drinking water and treat for 3-5 days.

Biolink Poultry Tonic is recommended for use:

With chicks/poults from 4 days of age.

Following vaccination and after any antibiotic treatment.

During periods of stress and disease challenge.

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