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Avian ID

Avian ID - Flatband Leg Rings Size 1 (5.5mm) - Pack of 100

Avian ID - Flatband Leg Rings Size 1 (5.5mm) - Pack of 100

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A split-plastic size 1 flat band leg ring measuring approximately Ø5.5mm (inner diameter). This size of leg ring is suitable for day old chicks, light breed or bantam chicks, cockatiels and pigeons. Leg rings are a useful aid to bird identification and the recording of breeding lines for the poultry keeper. Security is another very important aspect, as rung birds can be easily traced at all times. *Available as a pack of 100 leg rings.

Size Guide:

Leg Ring Type: Split-Plastic Flat Band. Dimensions: Ø5.5mm (inner diameter).

Suitable for (e.g.):
Day old chicks, light breed or bantam chicks, cockatiels, pigeons, quail (European).

Contact us by Clicking Here to let us know if you require leg rings in just one colour, or a variety of colours.*.

*Please Note: certain leg ring colours may not always be in stock. It is recommended that you also choose alternative colours (just in case this occurs). If the leg ring colour (or colours) you have chosen are unavailable, you will be sent an email explaining this, and what colours we do have in stock for you to choose.

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