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Agrivite - 'Respite' Poultry Tonic - 250ml

Agrivite - 'Respite' Poultry Tonic - 250ml

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Chickens tend to suffer a lot from respiratory ailments. Thankfully they are amongst the easiest of problems to treat (if caught early). Agrivite Respite is a garlic based liquid concentrate to support birds suffering from coughs, colds or respiratory ailments. Designed to be be administered over a period of 3 days, Respite contains a natural blend of herbal extracts, fish oil, garlic, biotin and other vitamins to promote good health and boost the immune system. Agrivite Respite liquid is also a great alternative to using antibiotics.

Respite contains (per litre):
Acetic Acid (derived from apple) 897ml, Nicotinamide 330mg, Vitamin B1 17.8mg, Herbal Extracts 3ml, Penthanol 140mg, Vitamin B2 33mg, White Fish Oil 8500mcg, Folic Acid Precursor 4mg, Vitamin B6 8.2mg, Garlic 700mcg, Vitamin B12 100mg, Biotin 5.0mg.

Application for Respite (or pro-rata):

Day 1: 10ml of Respite to 6 litres of drinking water (1 litre to 600 litres).

Day 2: 10ml of Respite to 4 litres of drinking water (1 litre to 400 litres).

Day 3: 10ml of Respite to 2 litres of drinking water (1 litre to 200 litres).

This dilution rate is suitable for poultry of all ages.

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