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Copdock Mill

Copdock Mill - Wild Bird Peanut Kernels - 800g

Copdock Mill - Wild Bird Peanut Kernels - 800g

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Peanuts are a firm favourite with all wild birds but in particular tits, finches, woodpeckers and nuthatches. They provide excellent all year round high energy, protein and oils which are so necessary in the busy spring and summer months, and absolutely essential in the winter. As fledglings receiving food from a parent can only manage smaller pieces, it is most important that peanuts are only offered from a wire mesh peanut feeder - particularly during the breeding season.

Key Features

• Suitable For A Variety Of Wild Birds

• Suitable For Use In Seed Feeders, On A Bird Table And Ground Feeding

• High In Fibre, Oils & Protein

• Feed Whole Peanuts In The Winter To Provide High Energy Boost

• Premium Quality

Instructions for Use

Peanut Kernels are ideal for use with bird seed feeders, wall feeders and on table tops. Simply add the peanut kernels to your feeder and hang out for the wild birds to enjoy.

Ingredients and nutrition

Contains: 100% Peanut Kernals.


Bag size: 800g
SPR Product Code: CM8149
Barcode: 5026616118149

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