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Chick Box - Plastic Rollout Nest Bottom

Chick Box - Plastic Rollout Nest Bottom

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The Chick Box Rollout Nest Bottom can be supplied with the Chick Box or bought separately and added later. The big advantage of using the rollout nest bottom is that the eggs will automatically 'roll out' into the collection tray on the outside where they are easily visible for collecting. This saves stressing the hens and also precious time. There is also an optional lid available to cover the collection tray (sold separately). This will help to keep the eggs clean and away from any pecking. Another big advantage is the eggs are more readily removed and cleaned. The Chick Box Rollout Nest Bottom is suitable for all breeds and big savings can be made on bedding materials and cleaning time. This product has been designed to fit the Chick Box, however it can be easily integrated into any nest box measuring 11-12 inches by 12 inches (internal measurements).
*Please Note: The egg cover flap (which is shown in product images) is sold separately.

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