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Baileys - Light Chaff - 15kg

Baileys - Light Chaff - 15kg

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Baileys Light Chaff is a blend of high-temperature dried alfalfa and oat straw with a sprinkling of mint and a very light dressing of soya oil, which encourages a shiny coat. It is high fibre and low calorie, as well as having a low starch and sugar content, so is ideal for good-doers, those prone to laminitis and those on a calorie-controlled diet. Indeed Baileys Light Chaff is the perfect accompaniment to Baileys Lo-Cal balancer, which provides essential vitamins, minerals and quality protein without additional calories. This combination is preferable to under feeding a fortified chaff, or one containing nutrients to support healthy hoof growth, as feeding the recommfeedsended amount of Baileys Lo-Cal balancer, plus as much or as little Baileys Light Chaff as you choose, will ensure your horse or pony doesn’t miss out on essential nutrient whilst also keeping calorie-intake down. Baileys Light Chaff is perfect for feeding to good-doers on limited grazing, as it can be fed to help maintain fibre intake without making a significant calorie contribution to the overall diet.

Targeted at:
Good-doers and the laminitis-prone being fed Baileys Lo-Cal balancer.
Good-doers requiring a partial or complete forage replacement.
Those on limited grazing or forage yet needing to control calorie intake.

Oat Straw, Alfalfa, Soya Oil, Mint.

Analytical Constituents:
Digestible Energy 8.0MJ/kg, Protein 10.0%, Oil 6.0%, Fibre 30.0%, Ash 9.0%, Starch 2.5%, Sugar 2.25%.

*Starch and Sugar values can fluctuate by the nature of the natural ingredients.

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