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Super Drinker for Poultry and Pigeons - 4 litre Capacity

Super Drinker for Poultry and Pigeons - 4 litre Capacity

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This 4 litre capacity Super Drinker is suitable for use with poultry or pigeons and is manufactured from heavy duty, high density ultraviolet resistant plastic. Features include a solid anti-perch dome and adjustable legs which can be unfolded twice to set the height of the drinker to suit the age and type of birds using it. Fully unfolded, the legs will raise the drinker off the ground by 7.5cm. This poultry drinker also includes a strong metal handle for easy transportation. This can also be used for hanging the feeder if you do not wish to stand it on the ground. The 4 litre Super Drinker is very simple to use, very reliable and also easy to clean.

Capacity: 4 litres. Pan Diameter: 26mm. Height of Pan: 4cm. Overall Height: 30cm.

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