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Stressless - Poultry Tonic - 500ml

Stressless - Poultry Tonic - 500ml

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Stressless is a highly advanced anti-stress tonic, suitable for use with all breeds and types of poultry. Available as a liquid concentrate, Stressless has been specially formulated by a leading and highly qualified poultry veterinary surgeon to boost those vitamins, minerals & amino acids (shown by the analysis of birds in the field) which are most likely to be deficient or limiting in all classes of poultry. Stressless is an invaluable poultry 'pick-me-up' and includes many additives that the other poultry tonics leave out, making it a much more balanced supplement. Stressless is particularly useful for chickens that have recently suffered from infections or internal or external parasites. Stressless really should be on every poultry persons shelf.

Nutritional Additives (per litre):
Vitamin A 1,000,000 iu, Vitamin D3 800,00 iu, Vitamin E 4,000mg, Vitamin K3 6,000 mg, Nicotinamide 12,000 mg, Pantothenic Acid 2,400 mg, Vitamin B1 800 mg, Vitamin B6 1,600 mg, Choline Citrate 4,000 mg, Lysine 4,000 mg, Methionine 5,000 mg, Manganese* 650 mg, Iron* 135 mg, Copper* 35 mg, Zinc* 450 mg, Magnesium* 60 mg, Cobalt 7 mg. *As Chelates.

How to Use:

Dosage (General):
Administer 50ml of Stressless per 100 litres of clean drinking water. Use for two days each week, and up to four days each week in times of stress.

Dosage (Specific):
Put Stressless in the drinking water for the first four days after new birds have been purchased. Repeat each time a young growers' environment has been changed - even within the same unit (i.e. when young chickens are moved to different houses during their period of growth).

Stressless is also ideal for poultry who have recently suffered from infections, or internal or external parasites.

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