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Nestomatic - Rollaway Nest Box

Nestomatic - Rollaway Nest Box

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The Nestomatic is a comfortable and sheltered place for poultry to lay their eggs. Once layed, the eggs roll out by themselves into the collection tray preventing them from being destroyed by the hens. The Nestomatic Nest Box is built from 1mm strong zinc plated sheet metal and durable ABS plastic and comes complete with a nest pad which is made of polyethylene and is therefore immune against bacteria. The fingers of the nest pad also assure that the eggs have minimum contact with manure or other debris. In addition, the nest pad is very comfortable for hens and can also be removed for cleaning. The Nestomatic also has a sloping floor which can be set, at 3 different angles. This enables the eggs to roll down into the collection tray which is made of strong UV resistant, ABS plastic. The brown lid of the collecting tray hinges to give easy access to the eggs. The Nesting box also includes curtains which ensures hens can lay eggs in a dark, safe and sheltered area as well as an anti-perch sloping roof to prevent poultry from sitting on it. These Nest Boxes are also modular so you can connect several Nestomatics to each other with the supplied mounting kit. *Please note: As the Nestomatic comes boxed, some self-assembly is required. Full instructions are included.

Dimensions: Length: 48cm. Width: 31cm. Height: 42cm.

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