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'My Cozy Nest' - Chicken Nesting Box

'My Cozy Nest' - Chicken Nesting Box

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Trendy colours, timeless design and easy to use - My Cozy Nest combines it all! This beautifully designed product is the perfect asset for every backyard chicken keeper and a true eye catcher in your chicken coop. And the most important of all? My Cozy Nest offers hens a comfortable and sheltered place to lay their eggs. The nest is produced mainly from high-quality impact resistant polypropylene. The material and the shape of this nest box also makes it easy to clean. The height of the inside edges and the shape of the nest is specially designed to prevent the hen from scratching the litter out of the nest. The place a hen lays her eggs needs to meet a few conditions. This place needs to be dark and sufficiently ventilated. My Cozy Nest offers both aspects in exactly the right balance. The ventilation isn’t created through holes in the side walls, but via ventilation grills. The amount of light coming from the front is fixed by a blackout curtain made out of flexible plastic. This new generation of laying nests guarantees excellent quality at a very competitive price. One laying nest is sufficient for 4-5 hens. It’s capacity and easy assembly makes this nesting box the ideal item for every backyard chicken owner.

Dimensions: Length 52.5cm. Width 41.5cm. Height 50.5cm.

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