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Maun - Hand Held Humane Bird Dispatcher

Maun - Hand Held Humane Bird Dispatcher

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This tool can be used for humanely dispatching wounded chickens, pheasant, partridges and other birds of a similar size. In the UK the approved method of humanely dispatching birds is by neck dislocation and this hand tool is specially designed for the job. It includes PVC sleeves on it's handles for extra comfort and is quick and simple to use. To operate, simply place the jaws around the birds neck just below the skull, and squeeze. This will pinch the nerves in the neck killing the bird both instantly and humanely.


Dispatch humanely first time, every time.
No further suffering.
Quick and easy action.
Crushes the neck vertebrae and windpipe without cutting.
Comfortable and efficient to use.
Built to last, with a robust construction and rust-proof finish.


Jaws are set to provide correct closing distance.
Jaws case hardened to HRC 57 for durability.
Zinc-plated handles with soft plastic grips for added comfort.
Red handles offer stand-out visibility if accidentally dropped in dense vegetation.
Sturdy leather holder option for convenience and accessibility.


A tool for humanely dispatching wounded, sick or captured birds. Ideal for:

Professional gamekeepers and shooting enthusiasts for pheasant, ducks, waterfowl, partridge and grouse.
Poultry farmers for chicken, guinea fowl and other domestic fowl.
Pest controllers for disposing of feral pigeons, crows, jackdaws and similar pests.


Made in England.
180 mm length.
45 mm useable jaw length.

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