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Marriage's Feeds

Marriage's - Farmyard Layers Mash - 7.5kg

Marriage's - Farmyard Layers Mash - 7.5kg

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Marriage's Layers Mash is an exceptionally palatable, high protein poultry feed which has been specially formulated to help maintain bird health & keep hens laying well - producing good sized eggs with superior yolk colour and shell quality. Marriage's Layers Mash relies on only natural vegetable sources for yolk colour, and contains no chemical or chemically treated pigments. Marriage's Layers Mash is also suitable for ducks and geese. *GM FREE*

Wheat 36%, Wheatfeed 17.5%, Sunflower 10.0%, Calcium Carbonate 8.0%, Barley 7.5%, Peas 6.0%, Prairie Meal 5.0%, Soya Bean Meal 3.4%, Beans 2.5%, Lucerne Extruded 2.0%, Vegetable Oil & Fat 1.0%.

Protein 17.0%, Oil 3.9%, Fibre 7.0%, Ash 11.7%, Methionine 0.3%, Vitamin A 8000iu/kg, Vitamin D3 2400iu/kg, Vitamin E 12iu/kg, Moisture 14.0%, Copper 25mg/kg.

Feeding Instructions:
Marriage's Farmyard Layers Mash is suitable for chickens, ducks and geese, including small breeds, from point of lay (approx. 19 weeks). It can fed either dry, or wet if preferred. Feed ad-lib allowing at least 125g per day, per hen.
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