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Marriage's Feeds

Marriage's - Chick Crumbs with ACS - 20kg

Marriage's - Chick Crumbs with ACS - 20kg

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Marriage's Chick Crumbs with ACS (Anti-Coccidiostat) is a complete zootechnical compound feed which has been specially designed to give your growing chicks the best possible start in life. The crumbs are an ideal size for day old chicks and use the best fishmeal to provide an excellent quality of protein for good feather formation and a strong frame. This feed also contains supplementary vitamins and minerals for the overall health of chicks. Marriage's Chick Crumbs are formulated with coccidiostat to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis and is only suitable for chickens. Coccidiosis is a parasite that damages the gut wall of chickens. Chickens can pick up the infection by eating oocyst contaminated feed & drinking water. It is therefore vital that houses, utensils, feeders and drinkers are kept scrupulously clean. Marriage's Chick Crumbs with ACS is equally suitable for table poultry or pullet rearing. *GM FREE*

Wheat, Soya (bean) meal, Wheatfeed, Barley, Beans, Peas, Fishmeal, Vitamin and mineral premix, Vegetable oil and fat, Calcium carbonate, Monocalcium phosphate, Salt, Sodium bicarbonate, DL methionine, Lysine.

Vitamins: E672 Vitamin A 10000IU, E671 Vitamin D3 3000IU, Vitamin E 15mg. Trace Elements: E1 Iron 161mg, E2 Iodine 2mg, E4 Copper 40mg, E5 Manganese 129mg, E6 Zinc 69mg, E8 Selenium 0.33mg, Digestibility enhancers E1640 6-phytase 1000FTU.

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 18.0%, Crude Ash 5.6%, Crude Oil and Fats 3.5%, Crude Fibre 3.5%, Calcium 1.0%, Sodium 0.15%, Phosphorus 0.61%, Methionine 0.4%, Lysine 0.93%.

*600g of Avatec® 15% premix is added per tonne of chick crumbs, giving 90mg/kg of Lasalocid Sodium in the finished feed as an aid to the prevention of Coccidiosis.

Feeding Instructions:
The chick will live off its yolk sac for 24 hours, but then chick crumbs should be introduced. Feed Marriage's Chick Crumbs for the first 8 weeks, as its high protein content will help to establish a strong frame and ensure good early growth. Only put out what the chicks will consume in one or two days and replace any wet or old food immediately. One chick will eat approximately 1.5kg of chick crumbs over a 5 week period. At 5-6 weeks, begin to mix with Growers Pellets for a gradual change of diet. Ensure fresh water is available at all times.
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