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Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones - Komoda Hooded Cat Litter Trays

Lazy Bones - Komoda Hooded Cat Litter Trays

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The Lazy Bones Komoda Cat Hooded Litter Tray is ideal for giving your cat somewhere discreet to go when they need to relieve themselves. The hinged swing door allows your cat to easily get in and out, and the included odour-neutralising filter helps keep in bad smells. The Lazy Bones Komoda Cat Hooded Litter Tray will easily fit in any room due to its innovative design and includes a litter scoop which can be handily stored away on top of the hood. This can also be used as a convenient handle for easy transportation and repositioning.

*Please note: The colour of the Hooded Cat Litter Tray we send you will be dependent on stock availability.

However, if you do require a specific colour, please contact SPR Centre by Clicking Here and we will do our best to provide you with the colour you prefer. (as above, this is not guaranteed).

Key Features

✔ Sturdy plastic cat litter tray with hood, door flap and handle.

✔Hood provides extra privacy for your cat during toilet time

✔ Made to the highest standards.

✔ Manufactured from tough non-toxic plastic.

✔ Includes litter scoop which is stored on top of the hood and doubles up as a convenient carry handle.

✔ Easy click clasps make it simple to open and close.

✔ Includes one cat litter tray odour neutralising filter.

Instructions for Use

How to Train Your Cat to Use a Hooded Litter Box:

• Place the litter box on the same spot where the old tray used to be.
• Take the top off and after he starts using it, put it back on. If you notice that, after a few hours, he won’t go inside with the top on, you can coax him in gently or just take it off and wait a while longer before trying again.
• Transfer some of his litter to the new box, preferably with some of his waste on it. This will be the best way for him to identify the new object and understand what you expect him to do with it.

Where to Place Your Hooded Litter Box:

This is important. Cats feel exposed and defensive when they’re using the litter box, they usually prefer to turn their backs to a wall to make sure they aren’t caught off guard. It may sound like a good idea keeping your cat’s litter box in the laundry room or some place more practical for you, but we can promise you he won’t use it when you have the laundry machine on or any other noisy appliance, for that matter. Choose a quiet, silent place in your home to keep your cat’s litter box and that will help him feel safe. Another thing to keep in mind is, don’t keep your cat’s food and water near the litter box. Cats are finicky with cleanliness, they won’t use a litter box anywhere near the place where they eat and drink.

More Training Tips:

• Bring back the old tray for him to use for that day.
• On the next day, place the new litter box without the top on for a small period of time. Only a couple of hours if necessary.
• Begin extending that period to a day, then two and so on.
• Extend the time for longer and longer until you notice he’s perfectly adjusted to it and doesn’t need the old one anymore.

Other Things You Can Try:

There is an array of products created to soothe anxious cats such as scents and sprays that you can use in your home to keep your cat calmer. Also, there is always the good old catnip. Place a bit of it inside the litter box, it’s guaranteed to get his attention, plus he’ll learn to get in motivated by something he really wants, it might just be the way to get him to do it without the stress.

Whatever you try, do it patiently and calmly. Your cat will sense if you become anxious or stressed. Try all of the above tips as if you were playing with him, with loads of cuddles and encouraging words mixed in. Make it positive, fun and he’ll get used to his brand new hooded litter box much sooner!

You should not crate your pet for your selfish reasons or just to get them out of the way.

Ingredients and nutrition

Materials: Made from tough non-toxic plastic.


Litter tray: Length 54cm. Width 39cm. Height 40cm.
Door opening: Height: 21cm. Width (at its smallest) 16cm. Width (at its largest) 20cm.

SPR Product Code: DEN0654

Barcode: 80229670506454

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