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Johnson's - Scaly Lotion - 15ml

Johnson's - Scaly Lotion - 15ml

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Johnson's Scaly Lotion is a safe, gentle and soothing lotion for the treatment of scaly face and scaly leg in caged birds (budgerigars, canaries, cockatiels etc). Scaly face and scaly leg are caused by a small mite (Cnemidocoptes pilae) which bores into the bird's cere, beak and legs causing severe tissue damage, unsightly scaly growths and in severe or untreated cases, deformities of the toes and beak. The infection can spread rapidly to other birds and early treatment is necessary as soon as any symptoms appear.

Key Features:
Kills mites which cause scaly face and scaly leg.
A safe, gentle and soothing lotion.

Directions for Use:
Apply 2-4 drops (using the dropper-bottle provided) to affected areas, ensuring the whole of the affected area is treated. A small,clean,dry artists paint brush, or cotton bud, can be used to apply the lotion. Avoid eyes and nostrils. Apply once every two days for a period of 11 days (six applications). If symptoms re-appear, repeat treatment as above. Isolate affected from unaffected birds. Clean all cages, perches, feed and water containers and other equipment with a disinfectant approved for use in aviaries. If there are other signs of illness or of feather damage, consolt a veterinary surgeon promptly.

Active Ingredients:
Pyrethrum Pale Extract (25%) 0.40% w/v, (equivalent to Pyrethrins) 0.10% w/v, Piperonyl Butoxide 1.00% w/v.

Key Features

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