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Hotline - 6 Lite Electric Fence Tester

Hotline - 6 Lite Electric Fence Tester

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The Hotline 6 Lite Tester indicates voltage levels on your electric fence via six neon lights marked 1000v to 10,000v. This handy tool can also help test your energiser and earth stake effectiveness. To use, the attached earthing probe must go into the ground and the testing unit must be placed on the electric fence. The Hotline 6 Lite Tester is suitable for use with electric netting, polywire, wire or rope, and the handy pocket size makes it easy to use and transport.

Key Features:
Pocket sized.
6 clear levels indicated, from 1000v to 10,000v.
Suitable for netting, polywire, wire or rope.
Clearly and effectively denotes fence strength.
Helps promote a safe environment.

Instructions for Use:
Insert the earthing probe into the ground and then hook (or hold) the metal part of the hand held unit to the fence. The six neon lights give an indication of the voltage on the fence line as follows:
If 3 or more neons light up, the fence is operating satisfactorily.
If only 1 or 2 neons are showing, there is likely to be a problem either with the fence shorting out, or with the battery.

Key Features

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