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Henry Bell

Henry Bell - Essentials Suet Cake Feeder

Henry Bell - Essentials Suet Cake Feeder

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Constructed from a strong plastic and steel, the Henry Bell Essentials Suet Cake Feeder is a superb, robust feeder manufactured in cool grey to help entice several bird species to your garden such as Great Tits, Robins and Chaffinches who favour suet foods. The feeder will hold 1 delicious suet cake (block) which are highly nutritious and full of energy - ideal for all year round feeding. Features include an easy opening lid and a removable base for easy cleaning. The Henry Bell Essentials Suet Cake Feeder can be hung from a feeding station or a tree branch. Place your feeder in a safe position, where the wild birds have a good vantage point and are out of reach of predators.

Dimensions: Height: 16.5cm. Width: 15cm.

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