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Gaun SA

Gaun - Plastic Bucket Drinker (Red) - 6 litre Capacity

Gaun - Plastic Bucket Drinker (Red) - 6 litre Capacity

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The Gaun Plastic Bucket Drinker has a 6 litre capacity and suitable for use with a small flock of full size hens, bantams or small ducks. When placed on its side, the bucket drinker works on the same vacuum principle as a fountain drinker. The drinker is manufactured from high grade, food safe plastic and features a unique, screw-fit removable top for easy filling and cleaning. The Gaun Plastic Bucket Drinker also includes a heavy-duty steel carrying handle for easy transportation. The advantages with this style of poultry drinker is that there is very little sunlight that can reach the water (avoiding algae build up) and chickens can't fill the water reservoir with debris when scratching around. Bucket drinkers are also very popular with duck owners as it's design limits the amount of water the ducks can throw about when drinking from it.

Diameter: Ø240mm. Height: 300mm. Capacity: 6 litres.

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