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Evans - Vanodine V18 Disinfectant - 500ml

Evans - Vanodine V18 Disinfectant - 500ml

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Vanodine V18 is a fast acting, safe, stable germicide that cleans and disinfects all in one easy operation. It has been specially formulated for use with all types of livestock including poultry, pigeons, horses, pigs and domestic pets. Vanodine V18 has a unique biocidal action which kills bacteria, fungi and viruses which cause major diseases without having to be used at a dangerously strong dilution rate. Vanodine V18 is highly effective against the Bird Flu H5N1 virus, and is equally useful to breeders of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice and other small pets as it helps to prevent respiratory diseases including snuffles, salmonellosis and many forms of enteritis. Vanodine V18 can also be used to sanitise drinking-water systems.


Remove all animals. Remove all portable equipment, litter and manure. Clean thoroughly with a suitable detergent, washing away to drain. Rinse surfaces thoroughly with water and allow to dry if possible. Ensure application equipment is clean before disinfection. Decant or dispense (using dispensing equipment) the concentrated product and dilute with water at 1:100. nApplication rate: 300 ml/m2 disinfectant solution.

Prepare surfaces as above. Spray or foam the disinfectant solution making sure surfaces are thoroughly wetted and leave to dry for 30 minutes, porous surfaces should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 4 hours.

Fill a clean container with the disinfectant solution and place equipment (e.g. buckets, cages, hatchery trays, drinkers, crates) in the solution, leave for 30 minutes before removing and allowing equipment to drain and dry.

Prepare the vehicle as above. First apply the disinfectant solution to the outside of the vehicle starting at the top and working down, including wheel arches, tyres, mudguards and underside of the vehicle. Thereafter, spray on the inside of the vehicle, starting at the top and working down, ensuring that all surfaces including the fl oor are covered. Minimum contact time 30 minutes before rinsing.

Wheels and boots should be cleaned with a brush/power wash to remove organic material. Prepare the product as above. A two-minute contact time is required before moving from one area to another. Empty, clean and refi ll wheel baths when heavily soiled or after 72 hours, up to a maximum volume of 400 litres. Footbaths must be covered / kept indoors in order to prevent dilution by rain.

After disinfection, empty and clean application equipment by rinsing with water. Used solutions can be flushed to the municipal sewer or disposed to the manure deposit depending on local requirements. Avoid release to an on-site waste-water treatment plant.

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