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Eton - Chicken Drinker Heater - 20cm Diameter

Eton - Chicken Drinker Heater - 20cm Diameter

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Stop your birds drinking water from freezing this winter with the Eton Chicken Drinker Heater. The three adjustable retaining brackets will hold the drinker firmly in place on the heating plate, and the power is supplied direct from your mains via the heater's DC plug-in power transformer. Once switched on, the heating plate will gently warm up the drinker to prevent it from freezing in cold weather. The Eton Chicken Drinker Heater will fit all drinkers up to 20cm in diameter and is completely safe to use inside poultry houses and pigeon lofts. It is efficient, very reliable and comes with a 2.2 metre long power cable for maximum flexibility. *Drinkers sold separately*.

Height: 6cm. Width: 24cm. Length: 25cm.

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