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Chicken Lickin' - Flint Grit - 1.5kg

Chicken Lickin' - Flint Grit - 1.5kg

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Because they do not have teeth, chickens need to eat grit which acts as the their teeth, performing the grinding actions necessary to make their food digestible. Chicken Lickin' Flint Grit is a high quality, hard, insoluble grit which will offer essential benefits to all poultry.

Key Features

✓ Insoluble grit.
✓ Helps birds grind their food.
✓ Aids digestion.
✓ Offers great benefit to all poultry.

Instructions for Use

Keep a very small pile of flint grit in the run. 28g of flint grit per bird, per month is enough.



Ingredients and nutrition

Composition: Flint Grit.

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