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Chicken Lickin' - Chick Flint Grit 1.5kg

Chicken Lickin' - Chick Flint Grit 1.5kg

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Because they do not have teeth like their adult counterparts, baby chicks also need to eat grit and it must be freely available at all times. Once in the gizzard, the grit acts as the chick's teeth, performing the grinding actions necessary to break down fibre and make their food digestible. Chicken Lickin' Chick Flint Grit is a very hard, insoluble grit which is much smaller in size than normal hen grit. This makes it ideal for helping young chicks to digest their food.

Key Features

✓ Fine grade flint grit.
✓ Specially for baby chicks and growers.
✓ Helps chicks grind their food.
✓ Aids digestion.

Instructions for Use

To start with, provide Chicken Lickin' Chick Flint Grit from the day old stage by sprinkling it over their food. Once the chicks have become more adventurous, place a supply of grit in a container which they can easily find. Chicken Lickin' Chick Flint Grit is also suitable for growers.



Ingredients and nutrition

Composition: Flint Grit.

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