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Burlybed Original - Animal Bedding - 20kg

Burlybed Original - Animal Bedding - 20kg

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Suitable for Horses, Poultry, Livestock and Small Animals.

Burlybed Original is made from 100% miscanthus. Burlybed take the product in its natural cane form and process it on their own farm. Burlybed's bespoke production process shreds and breaks up the hard outer casing of the cane to expose the soft and pithy inner core. It is this core that gives Burlybed Original its ultra-absorbency and the hard outer casing that makes such durable bedding. Burlybed then double dust extract the raw material to ensure it is as clean as possible before baling, stacking, wrapping and sending it on its way to their stockists. Burlybed Original is quick and easy to muck out with little wastage and is quick to rot down on the muck heap, quicker than straw and shavings. Burlybed add nothing to Burlybed Original except their time and expertise. Every bale is 100% miscanthus, processed on their farm so that the very best, natural product makes its way to your horses or ponies stable.

Key Features

✔ 100% Miscanthus

✔ Ultra absorbent

✔ Durable

✔ Low dust

✔ Supportive

✔ Economical

✔ Biodegradable

✔ Natural

✔ Sustainable

✔ Environmentally beneficial crop

✔ Recyclable packaging

Instructions for Use


You can use Burlybed bedding however suits your animal but for the very best results, we suggest a deep litter system. Burlybed's bespoke production process uniquely exposes the ultra-absorbent inner core of miscanthus. By using a deep litter system the moisture and odours are absorbed within the bed, leaving the top dry. Droppings on the surface can be easily removed. The chop size is designed to easily fall through your fork reducing wastage.

In an average 12’x12’ stable or animal house we recommend using 5 to 8 bales to set up a deep bed. Top up when necessary, often as little as half a bale per week.

Ingredients and nutrition

Composition: 100% miscanthus.


Weight of Bale (approx.): 20kg
SPR Product Code: BURL0005
Barcode: 5060329160002

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