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Biolink - BioDri - 5kg

Biolink - BioDri - 5kg

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BioDri is the only product of its kind to contain the DEFRA approved disinfectant BioVX. Ideal for use in all livestock housing and suitable for use with animals and birds of all ages, BioDri rapidly reduces the spread of harmful bacteria including Necrotic Enteritis, Salmonella, SPP and E-Coli through both it's excellent disinfectant qualities and its powerful drying action. BioDri absorbs up to twice as much water as similar products. BioDri also absorbs ammonia and other noxiou gasses - thus reducing nasty odours. The inclusion of aromatic essential oils in BioDri will also help repel flies and helps create a much more pleasant environment. BioDri is also biodegradable, extends bedding life and can be used in organic production. BioDri is non-hazardous and completely harmless to birds and animals.

Instructions for use:
Apply 25 gm/m² to animal bedding and can be spread under drinker lines and troughs.

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