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Biolink Bio-Wipes - (1000 Wipes)

Biolink Bio-Wipes - (1000 Wipes)

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Tub Contents:
Biolink Bio-Wipes are very high quality impregnated sanitising surface wipes specially developed for use in the farming environment for cleaning all hard surfaces and equipment. Available in a resealable bulk pack of 1000 wipes and suitable for use with poultry, pigs, game birds, cattle and horses, Bio-Wipes are made from food grade, disposable tissue and can be safely used in and around food areas. The broad spectrum anti-bacterial action of BioWipes means they are effective against MRSA, Bacillus Cerus, Staphlococcus aureaus, Entrococcus feacium, E-coli, Salmonella, pseudomonas aeruginosa and Listeria.

Key Features

✔ All round surface wipes.

✔ Made from high grade tissue.

✔ Disposable.

✔ Suitable for use with poultry, pigs, game birds, cattle and horses.

✔ Economical to use.

✔ No need to rinse after use.

✔ Suitable for use in food areas.

✔ Broad spectrum antibacterial action.

✔ Effective against MRSA.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use:

• Remove lid, thread wipe through centre hole and replace lid.

• Pull each wipe sharply at an angle to dispense.

• Disinfect the surface or utensil with one careful, firm wiping action.

• After use, dispose of each wipe.

• Do not re-use.

• Do not use when dry.

Ingredients and nutrition

Biolink Bio-Wipes: Food grade impregnated sanitising wipes.


Tub Contents: 1000 Wipes
SPR Product Code: BIO2011
Barcode: 5055269512011

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