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Bedmax Wood Shavings - 20kg

Bedmax Wood Shavings - 20kg

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Bedmax is a high quality animal bedding made from 100% natural, dust extracted large flake pine wood shavings. Created for horses but also perfect for poultry, pigs, goats, sheep and small animals, Bedmax helps you keep your animals healthy, happy and comfortable. Bedmax Shavings are predominantly made from pine which has its own unique, natural defences which kill harmful bacteria, offering a potential extra hygienic benefit for animals at no extra cost to owners. Bedmax also uses large size shavings which creates a deeper, more aerated bed that's more comfortable and supportive under your animal's weight. Every bag of Bedmax also contains about 30% smaller shavings which gravitate to the bottom of the bed. The larger shavings help drain urine from the surface to be absorbed by the smaller shavings at a lower level, keeping the surface dry. Bedmax is also competitively priced, long-lasting, easy to use and economical.

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