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BEC Osprey

BEC 75 Automatic Hanging Poultry Drinker

BEC 75 Automatic Hanging Poultry Drinker

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The BEC 75 Automatic Hanging Poultry Drinker is a very popular and practical solution to keeping drinking water clean and off the ground. Ideal for most non-commercial poultry keepers and suitable for for broilers, pullets, layers and bantams, the BEC 75 Automatic Poultry Drinker is designed to be used from a separate header tank. It is gravity fed & adjustable for the water level in the drinking tray (utilising the proven and reliable BEC drinker valve designed & made in the UK). It is very easy to assemble or dismantle, simple to adjust, and comes complete with 2 metres of 6mm bore tubing, a filter that can be removed for cleaning, a saddle connector and a hanging strap with hanging cord & adjuster. The BEC 75 drinker is designed to work on a low pressure water supply, that is below 5p.s.i. (.35 bar). Ideally the supply should be from a header tank 8-12ft. above the ground. It is ideal for use as a single drinker or as multiple drinking systems.

Bowl Diameter: 21cm. Height: 19.5cm (cone only). Height: 45cm (cone, valve & hanger strap). Capacity: auto.

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