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Aubiose Hemp Animal Bedding - 20kg

Aubiose Hemp Animal Bedding - 20kg

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Aubiose is probably the most absorbent bedding that money can buy. Suitable for horses, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry and small animals, Aubiose is a completely different type of bedding, providing you with savings in time and labour if it is managed properly. Aubiose works by soaking up liquids in a small area at the base of the bed. The capped layer that forms over this saturated material reduces the chance of wet bedding being mixed in with the dry. The top layer of the bed remains warm, soft and dry. Aubiose is also perfect for animals with respiratory ailments, horses prone to laminitis or animals susceptible to thrush. Aubiose is a 100% natural material which composts readily without the need for added composting agents. For this reason farmers and gardeners love it! Furthermore, Aubiose is an annually renewable resource which can be traced back to the field in which it was grown! Most importantly, Aubiose is good for animals, providing a clean, natural and healthy environment.

Instructions for Use:

Start with a clean stable.

You will need approximately 8 bales of Aubiose for a 12ft x 12ft stable/chicken house.

Dampen the bed by spraying with a hose or by using approximately 1 gallon of water per bale as this helps nthe bed to settle and create a secure base.

Horses are not generally tempted to eat Aubiose but as they are of an inquisitive nature we advise that when Aubiose is first used, the bed be sprayed with a weak solution of a safe disinfectant and that the horse has access to it’s normal ration of forage. Persistent bed eating may cause colic.

Remove any droppings 2 to 3 times a day, and lightly rake the top of the bed to keep its shape.

Every 5 to 10 days (depending on the animal) remove the saturated material, then top up with fresh Aubiose (average requirement is half to one bale per week).

Aubiose can be used as a deep litter bed. Remove droppings 2 or 3 times daily, lightly rake the top of the bed. Add fresh Aubiose as required.

Because Aubiose is so absorbent, there will be less material removed from the stable, thus reducing the area needed for muck storage. Aubiose is made from young plants and will break down rapidly to form a very valuable compost.

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